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I offer tutoring services to families and individual students in any North American timezone.
I do tutoring online only, over any preferred (and mainstream) video-chat service.

Beginning August 2021, I will begin to offer in-person tutoring for students who are fully vaccinated in the Brooklyn, NY area.

Subjects and rates

Normally, I will email you with relevant homework/reading after each lesson. It serves as useful lesson review and preparation for the next lesson.
If you’d like to opt out of this, please let me know before the first lesson.

Discounted rates

If you choose to buy lessons as a lesson package (recommended), I offer the following package discounts:

Only packages of 4 or 8 lessons are available, and you can only pay for additional lesson packages after the 4th or 8th lesson (respectively).

Payment and important info

I accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, cash, or check (latter two for in-person lessons only).

Right now, I am working with at most two students per month. Currently ONE slot is open!

If you’re interested in lessons, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at: contact [@tt] avigloz [d..ot] net
Please include an appropriate subject line to ensure I see your message (such as “Computer science lessons for my daughter”)

Fees and notices